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Elementor Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) i found on Elementor's community and forum and here are the answer step by step tutorials easily to digest

frequently asked questions

How to style the last-menu item with CSS?

So here is the simplest solution I found and it is really easy to do it.

Note: add !important to the CSS rule to overwrite theme color or page builder colors.

  1. Go to Appearance and click the Menus
  2. Click the “Screen Options” on top right corner
  3. Checked “CSS Classes” option
  4. Select your menu
  5. Click the last item ( most likely Contact us page)
  6. Go to CSS Classes (optional) – Add your unique name (contact-form)
Change the last item color easily
Add class to the last item
Add class to the last item
Add “class” to the last item

Now we need to add custom CSS to the header template, This is for Elementor pro users –

  1. Go to Elementor Templates
  2. Click the Theme Builder
  3. Click Header tab
  4. Choose your header, you want to add CSS
  5. Edit with Elementor
  6. Click “nav menu Elementor’s” widget
  7. Go to Advanced tab – advanced
  8. Find CSS classes – add your unique class as last-item
  9. Go to Custom CSS and start adding your CSS
Theme builder -header tab
Last item CSS class with Elementor
Custom CSS under Navigation (nav) menu

or you can use Elementor’s Custom Code functionalities

Elementor's Custom Code
/* .last-item is the nav class i define and .contact-form is the css for nav menu*/
.last-item .contact-form{
    background: #000;
/* This CSS is for link color*/
.last-item .contact-form a{

if you’re not using Elementor pro then you can head over to Customize settings or child theme & add the CSS rule there –

/* Style as needed*/
    background-color: #000;
/* This CSS is for link color*/
.contact-form a{
SS is added to the customize section for Elementor free user

If You have any questions related to Elementor that come up regularly. Please post your question in the comment section?

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Thank you