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Category: Elementor Page Builder

fix the submenu icon indicator delay in nav menu widget

How to Fix the Submenu icon indicator delay?

With many attempts to fix the submenu icon indicator delay in the Nav Menu widget, this is one of the moments where officials can’t solve the issue but the community fixes it. In this step-by-step tutorial, I am going to show you how to fix the issue pretty easily with proof.

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pseudo-elements with Elementor
Elementor Page Builder

13 examples of Pseudo-Elements With Custom CSS with the help of Elementor Pro

before and after Pseudo-Elements are really good ways to add style to the Elements without the need for Extra Markup you don’t need.

With the help of Elementor Pro: Custom CSS functionalities, whatever CSS you’re writing and will reflect directly to the editor itself in real-time that makes it super easy and faster and productive.

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Sticky header in WordPress using Elementor
Elementor Page Builder

How To Create a Sticky Header with Elementor without using any 3rd parties plugins

In this step-by-step article, we will learn how to create a sticky header with Elementor pro without using any 3rd parties addons.

We will also discuss-

  • Learn how to change sticky header change background color on scroll
  • Learn how Change logo on scroll in Elementor
  • Learn how to change transparent header to sticky header
  • Learn how to shrink header when sticky header is applied and when user scroll
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