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Find most of the recent posts related to Elementor’s bug and Core Web Vitals 


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Picture written how to create Elementor Sticky headers
Elevate Your WordPress Site with a Dynamic Sticky Header Using Elementor

Master the art of creating a captivating sticky header without relying on third-party plugins. This comprehensive tutorial will guide you through crafting a transparent sticky header, adjusting its color on scroll, shrinking its size, and dynamically modifying the navigation menu, button, search icon, and site logo based on user interaction. Elevate your WordPress site's user experience and enhance its visual appeal with these practical techniques.

Bugs related

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This compilation incorporates a comprehensive array of bug fixes and feature requests contributed by our valued community members. We've meticulously curated and integrated these enhancements to ensure a smoother user experience and to address any lingering issues. Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping this update, and we're committed to continually refining and improving our product based on your input. Thank you for your ongoing support and collaboration!